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Cable Groove

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The Grooved housing cable is very popular for throttle applications. Has a Grooved Housing on both ends with 10-32 male threads.

Grooved-Grooved Cables

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CC-173VGG-3-24 CABLE GROOVE 24 x 3in $58.14 $46.99
CC-173VGG-3-36 CABLE GROOVE 36 x 3in $58.14 $46.99
CC-173VGG-3-48 CABLE GROOVE 48 x 3in $61.74 $49.99
CC-173VGG-3-54 CABLE GROOVE 54 x 3in $65.34 $52.99
CC-173VGG-3-60 CABLE GROOVE 60 x 3in $65.34 $52.99
CC-173VGG-3-72 CABLE GROOVE 72 x 3in $68.94 $55.99
CC-173VGG-3-84 CABLE GROOVE 84 x 3in $72.54 $58.99
CC-173VGG-3-96 CABLE GROOVE 96 x 3in $76.14 $60.99
CC-173VGG-3-102 CABLE GROOVE 102 x 3in $79.74 $63.99
CC-173VGG-3-108 CABLE GROOVE 108 x 3in $79.74 $63.99
CC-173VGG-3-120 CABLE GROOVE 120 x 3in $83.34 $66.99
CC-173VGG-3-132 CABLE GROOVE 132 x 3in $86.94 $69.99
CC-173VGG-3-144 CABLE GROOVE 144 x 3in $90.54 $72.99
CC-173VGG-3-156 CABLE GROOVE 156 x 3in $94.14 $75.99
CC-173VGG-3-168 CABLE GROOVE 168 x 3in $97.74 $78.99



**Please Note**
The longer the cable, the more internal slack it will have. If that is of concern, please contact us regarding
the HP core series. Normally this is not an issue except when going with extra long, custom cables.


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